Overview of the Organization

A Patient-Focused, Physician-Owned Hospital

The Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital provides specialized care for patients with specific, non-critical and non-emergent surgical admissions. The ultimate goal of the facility is to assist patients throughout their stay to a successful recovery, by providing a setting and care that is a more effective delivery of health care. This is accomplished by providing a comfortable home-like setting, in which a caring professional staff works to insure the highest level of patient care in a more cost-effective setting. Family support and involvement is promoted and encourage as well. This supports the patient’s self-image as “other-wise healthy” and facilitates a speedier return to the community, reducing health care costs and strengthening the economy at large.

The surgical hospital offers procedures for the following specialties: ENT, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, oral surgery, orthopedics, pain management, plastic surgery, podiatry and urology.

In addition to surgical services, Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital has an imaging department comprised of MRI, CT, general radiology and ultrasound, as well as laboratory, pharmacy and dietary services.

The facility provides a full-time staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, technicians and other ancillary personnel for patient care in the perioperative setting. In addition, the facility has available necessary equipment and trained personnel for handling unforeseeable emergencies.

Earning your trust through Quality


The Mission of Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital is to provide high quality, cost effective and operationally efficient surgical services with an environment that promotes improved comfort, safety, and satisfaction to the patients and physicians we serve.


The Vision of Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital is to strive to be the recognized leader and the customer’s first and best choice in value-added surgical services.


Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital has defined the principles of our organization that will guide the company and make us unique. These Values demonstrate the basis of our decision making to our employees and customers.

  • COMMITMENT- We are committed to excellence and the provision of a quality focused and patient-focused environment.
  • TEAMWORK- We will promote a coordinated approach to care with direct physician involvement and an empowered staff.
  • INTEGRITY- We will maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct, and always act in an ethical and honest manner, with fairness and consistency in all relationships.
  • QUALITY OF CARE- We will be the leader and standard for high quality surgical care by empowering our employees and physicians to bring value and quality of care to all patients.
  • EXCELLENCE- We will have the highest standards of service and performance, and will exceed the expectations of all those with whom we work.

Patient Testimonials

I had a very fast, uneventful surgery and with my fast paced life that’s the way I like it.  Thank you.


Patient Focused, Physician Owned.