Ultrasounds at Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital

At Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital, our exams are performed on GE’s premier ultrasound machine, the LOGIC E-9. It’s advanced capabilities allows the acquisition of optimal images in most areas of ultrasound imaging, including Abdomen, OB/GYN, Vascular, Small parts, and Breast. Our sonographers are highly trained in these areas and in other areas of radiology as well.

You will need to arrive in Radiology 15 minutes before your scheduled exam in order to register for your examination.

Having an Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a medical exam that uses sound waves to see organs and blood vessels inside your body. It is a valuable tool in helping to detect certain diseases and conditions by distinguishing one form of tissue from another. Ultrasound does not require the use of x-rays. It is simple and painless!

Getting ready for the Test

Casual clothing is recommended on the day of your test. Most ultrasound exams require little or no preparation prior to the exam, but sometimes you may be asked to follow a special patient prep listed at the end of this section. It is very important for you to follow it closely. When you arrive at the radiology department, one of the sonographers (the person who will be doing your ultrasound) will explain to you how the exam will be done. You will then be taken into a room where you will see a bed and an ultrasound machine.

The Test

The sonographer will help you lie on the table and will apply a special warm gel over the part of your body that needs an ultrasound. This gel helps the sound waves go through your body and create a picture. Next, a transducer is placed on the body part to be examined and your pictures are taken. You may be asked to lie in different positions when your pictures are taken. Your pictures will be shown to the radiologist who will then decide if more pictures are needed. The exam will take approximately 30 minutes.

After the Test

When all the pictures are finished, the radiologist will look at the pictures once more. He or she will then tell your doctor the things he or she needs to know about your exam. When everything is finished, you will be released. YOUR TEST IS COMPLETE.


If you have any questions about the test, please ask your radiographer or doctor for
the answers.

The three most commonly asked questions about an Ultrasound:

1. How long will the exam take? The exam will generally take thirty minutes.
2. When will I know the results of the exam? The radiologist will let your doctor know the results of your exam. Your doctor
3. Will the ultrasound test hurt? No, an ultrasound is simple and painless!



Infant – 1 year: NPO 4 hours prior to exam.

2-5 year: NPO 6 hours prior to exam. Water only 4 hours prior to exam.

6 years & up: NPO after midnight. WATER ONLY 4 hours prior to exam if needed for medication.

Kidneys / Adrenals: Clear liquids only 8 hours prior to exam.

Pelvic / Bladder: 24 to 32 oz. non-carbonated fluid one hour prior to exam. NO VOIDING (Need Full Bladder)

Gallbladder: NPO after midnight. Water only 4 hours prior to exam if needed for medication. will then discuss the results of the exam with you.

Patient Testimonials

The entire staff from the front office to post surgery care were wonderful.