After your Procedure

After your procedure at Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital

Recovery Room Stay:

  • Your condition will be closely monitored by the facility staff for an average of 1 to 2 hours.
  • Certain criteria must be met for you to be discharged. Although it is very rare, some patients may not meet the criteria for discharge and require you to be admitted as an inpatient.  Your physician or anesthesiologist will determine your readiness for discharge.
  • Your visitors may stay with you in this area. They will be summoned to visit you when the staff determines it to be appropriate.
  • Your “At Home” instructions will be discussed with you and your family member by the nurses upon discharge. You will receive a written copy of them. (needs to be reviewed)
  • Keep in mind that as a patient you will be administered medication that may cause side effects such as amnesia.  Please inform your family that this will be temporary.  You may be very sleepy when you are discharged home.  This is why a responsible adult is required to drive you home and remain with you for your safety.  Some patients may require extended times or admission to the inpatient area.

After Discharge:

  • Refain from making major decisions, signing contracts, or any legal documents for 24 hours after your procedure.  Make sure that you are not alone for the initial 24 hours following your discharge.  Do not drive for a minimum of 24 hours after your discharge.  Follow all instructions that will be given to you by the discharge nurse.
  • A nurse from the facility will call to check on you the next business day following your discharge (Friday patients will be called on Monday).  Upon admission, we will acquire the number where you may be reached for this call.

There are private recovery rooms where the patient recovers in a quiet, comfortable, private setting with their family / friend.

Patient Testimonials

Everytime I have had a procedure in your surgical center it has truly been a wonderful experience. The staff is absolutely superb. They are an asset to your center.