Oasis is the most open MRI available. With the high open area, the Oasis has the unique ability to accommodate difficult to scan patients, such as challenging patients that are bariatric, pediatric, geriatrics, anxious, or claustrophobic. Patient comfort is the purpose of the open architecture environment of the Oasis MRI, this also allows for the unique ability to accommodate more difficult to scan patients who cannot be successfully scanned on conventional horizontal (close-bore) MRI machines.

What are the pediatric benefits of Oasis?
The full unlimited patient access allows the guardian to be there with their children and reduce the anxiety of the child’s exam. The open architecture allows for unobstructed view of their guardian. The RADAR motion compensation reduces repeat scans, this lowers the number of visits, and the image quality is improved overall.

Will I experience claustrophobia in the Oasis MRI?
The open aspect of the Oasis MRI gives you a view of everything around you allowing for clear space to relieve claustrophobia. The wide and comfortable patient table allows for decubitus patient positioning, and the serene woodland mural provides therapeutic comfort for a more soothing experience.

Is there access for geriatric patients?
There are quite a few ways we make the MRI accessible! The technologist has easy access to the patient from anywhere around the magnet, so if they need assistance the technologist will be able to accommodate their needs. The large table enhances accessibility and comfort for the geriatric patients. The table itself can be lowered to 20” for easy access.

What are the accommodations for bariatric patients?
Oasis has the largest patient gap and the highest table weight limit, at 660 pounds. This can accommodate the largest patients and give them comfort and allow the technologists access to assist the patient if necessary. The 3-axis motorized table allows movements that are convenient for technologists. The unlimited lateral opening promotes comfort and acceptance of broad-shouldered patients. Oasis MRI also has a XL flex body coil, the largest receiver coil available which promotes excellent image quality.

Patient Testimonials

The facility is a wonderful place.  I love the care and kindness I received there when I had my procedure done. The staff did an excellent job and I would recommend friends, family and anyone to this facility. Thank you.