Pricing Transparency

What is a charge? A hospital charge is a federally-required maximum list price for an item or service that does not reflect any negotiated discount. Federal reporting rules require hospitals to maintain a catalog of tens of thousands of procedure codes, code descriptions and list prices in a complex accounting tool, known as the hospital chargemaster. Although virtually no one pays full charges, federal regulations require hospitals to uniformly apply the full list price or charge to all patients who receive a specific item or service.

Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital is pleased to share pricing information for our facility. The attached charge master has an exhaustive list of items and services that cover the procedures we perform. Every case is different and pricing is determined by a myriad of factors. We strongly suggest you call our business office at (318) 443-3511, extension 2022 to discuss your case and obtain a more accurate representation of the likely charges and financial responsibility you may incur.

Disclaimer: The prices provided on the website are based on historical data and provide an estimate of charges for the items or services listed. This list includes pricing for our facility only and doesn’t include your primary physician or other ancillary physicians (such as Anesthesiology, Radiology, Pathology) that may be involved in your care and bill you separately. For the most accurate estimate of your financial responsibility we encourage you to contact your insurance company and our business office.

For more information on individual pricing, click this link.

Outpatient Charges
Inpatient DRG’s

Patient Testimonials

The entire staff from the front office to post surgery care were wonderful.